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CMS Websites you can maintain yourself
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Your Own Website

Websites you can maintain yourself

News from Computers in Kent

  "for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"
Microsoft Edge vs. AVG 06-Nov-2017

Microsoft Office 365 is this weeks odd job. A customer reported some strange goings on with his Microsoft 365 account:  “My Office 365 Outlook will not show People and when I send an email it gets sent again and again sometimes 14 or 15 times”

Investigation showed that indeed these symptoms were correct. Strangely though everything worked normally when using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 or on Android. Just MS Edge would not work properly. Many things were tried including SFC and DISM and much more, all to no avail.

Facebook in Japanese 05-Nov-2017
Tip: Don’t change your Facebook language to Japanese!
- unless of course you read Japanese

Use a smartphone to connect your computer to the Intrernet 05-Nov-2017
Tip: Ensure you do not let Windows update itself on your hotspot WiFi connection

Are you ever away from home and need to connect your laptop to the Internet and only have your smartphone for company? It is possible to connect your laptop to your smartphone and use its mobile data connection (tethering). However your laptop will think yippee I’m on WiFi and start to gobble up your mobile data allowance. It is not unusual to lose £30 or so a day doing this. To use the connection to only collect your emails and do a bit of surfing you must turn off two of the most data hungry Windows services.

Computer Sales 05-Nov-2017

Computers-In-Kent sell New, Open-box and Refurbished computers. Many computers are available the next day but some will take 3-5 business days to arrive.

I will also need the computer for a day if I am doing the set up for you or your business. This is much more than switching on and collecting a few updates - see here for the details about setting up a new computer.

Buying a Computer 04-Nov-2017

Choosing a new computer.
You may never have bought a computer before or you may be wanting to replace an existing but aging beloved model. So what should you do? There are a lot of options - desktop computers, laptop computers, notebooks and computer tablets. There are choices over the operating system - do you want a Microsoft Windows system or an Apple MAC system? There are choices over processor type and speed, memory size, disk size, screen size and media capabilities. The brand and the guarantee may also be important to you.... and of course the price!

Search Engine Optimisation 04-Nov-2017

Search Engine Optimisation.

About CiK 03-Nov-2017

…. looking back on my life a major turning point was my last day at school. We were all in the main assembly hall being given our final address by the deputy head to prepare us for the world outside. He was a well-built man with a heart of gold and a fearsome reputation, he was much loved and had earned the respect of the whole school. As he spoke my mind drifted as I pondered all that the future might hold. Suddenly two words cut through the fog of my dreamworld - "Question everything" - the words seemed as loud as a thousand charging horses and resonated throughout my consciousness.

60 Second Introductions. 01-Nov-2017

A list of short company introductions used to promote Computers-in-Kent at business networking such as BNI (Business Network International) or BoB (Business over Breakfast)

Your Own CMS Website 12-Oct-2017

Websites designed for you to look after yourself.

Computer Servicing, Virus Removal & Upgrades 05-Oct-2017
Read on to see what you get in a Computers-in-Kent computer service.
(costs from £45 - £65)*


"for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"