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Read on to see what you get in a Computers-in-Kent computer service.
(costs around £65 - £85)*

Computer Servicing and Upgrades

Computers have become essential items in our lives. We use them for much more than traditional “office work”. Many families like to keep in touch using video calling such as Skype.  Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Many people use their computers as part of their home entertainment. Then of course there is the research we do comparing holiday prices and insurance quotations and countless more things. If you do online shopping and want to track your parcels then you need a reliable working computer all the time!

Typically computers seem to get slower over time. There is a reason for this. They accumulate computer clutter. In fact some clutter can be cleaned out from the day of purchase. After a few months there is often quite a bit that can be decluttered giving your computer a performance improvement. If you find your computer is running slow then a service will fix it.

Laptop and Desktop Services.

Computers in Kent have a checklist of processes to follow to improve speed and performance of your computer. Errors in the Operating System will be detected and removed. All latest updates to your system will be applied and the system will be tuned for performance depending on how you use your computer.

PCs & MACs are supported and All Windows systems and Linux.


If you don’t have anti-virus installed then I will provide you with one and set it up to protect you with a minimum impact on performance. There are a different kinds of Malware around and you benefit from having access to several ways of dealing with malware and viruses.

I will make sure these routines are on your desktop or computer laptop and can be run when you need. A full scan of your files will be made using an anti-virus that you have not had in use before. This ensures that if the one you have has been compromised then any anomalies will be picked up and dealt with. Vital if you use your computer for Internet banking.

Regular Check-up

There are always things to do and questions to ask. Having a regular time to have your computers checked over and kept in tip top condition reduces the likelihood of problems occurring. Staff can raise any issues arising and get advice on using the products and services. This all adds to a fuller well-rounded IT provision benefiting your business and your customers. This is a very cost-effective way to obtain computer support as you only pay when you use the service. Many business find a monthly visit suits their Information Technology needs.


When it’s time to replace equipment, care needs to be taken that anything containing data is erased or destroyed before being passed on. It you intend to sell on computers or give them away then a secure forensic cleaning should be undertaken making certain that personal and customer data is not put at risk.

*What will it cost?
Full computer servicing is done for between £65 - £85. If you have more than one computer to service at the same location then you will be given a discount on the additional ones. I can upgrade computers for the same service fee plus the cost of the parts. Smaller jobs taking less time are charged less. Most services take 1 - 1.5 hrs.

"for advice on computers or websites please contact me for a free discussion"